About Us

We're a bunch of outside-the-box thinkers who appreciate all that's inside the box too. So we merge the old with the new to create trail blazing concepts.

ZHOOB Inc. is a next-generation media company that produces choose-your-own-adventure videos on mobile device. A blend of full-motion video and graphic gaming that emmerses users in a first-person movie experience. Imagine playing the lead character in a story and controlling the direction you take. Explore seemingly infinite possibilities by navigating thru a video decision-tree software built on complex algorithms specific to entertainment, gaming, training and education.

Our Work

Mingling at the Gallery: a choose-your-own-adventure where users play a single guy at a party in an art gallery. Users navigate thru the night by socializing and meeting various women. Each scene offers multiple choices and every decision offers more options as you navigate thru a seemingly endless adventure. It's the ultimate interactive movie experience.



Our patented video decision tree software hosts content for various projects including entertainment, education, and gaming. The technology is highly customizable with localization capabilities and deep analytics.


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